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About Us

Welcome to Deerwood Ranch Weddings and Events. As a family owned ranch, our venue resides on approximately 4,700 acres of Wyoming beauty. With the Middle Fork of the Little Laramie River running through the property, there is year-round access to live running water. Abundant trees and willows provide refuge and great protection from the realities of Wyoming Winter. Open fields invite long runs and lazy afternoon grazing. Cattle and 350 wild Wyoming mustangs call Deerwood home, not to mention the native deer, elk, coyote and all manner of wildlife.

With so much beauty in our landscape surrounds, it's easy to see why we decided to share this beauty with others by opening a venue and cabin. We transformed our rustic barn into a stunning location perfect for hosting weddings, parties, and any kind of gathering among family and friends. With a bridal suite, reception hall, full kitchen and other amenities, you'll be afforded every luxury you need for a seamless event. Seeking an overnight stay? Our tranquil cabin is the perfect getaway stay offering several rooms, cozy interior and the most breathtaking views Wyoming has to offer.

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